The New Mazda CX-50

The CX-50 is Mazda's first purpose-built vehicle to drive beyond paved roads, and to move in harmony with nature's unpredictable contours and dynamic terrain. Now with the highly anticipated Meridian Trim.

The CX-50 features Mazda’s latest generation of driving technology, obsessively engineered to create responsive, intuitive, and consistent driving dynamics across virtually every terrain and driving scenario. This delivers a natural feeling of confidence, elevating the joy in every drive.


Designed as an extension of your driving passion both on and off the road, the Mazda CX-50’s brilliantly housed driver controls paired with the available Skyactiv-G 2.5 T Twin Scroll Turbocharger engine2 allows for an instantly responsive trek.


Mazda intelligent Drive Select allows for fully tailored control on most terrain. Switch and select from your choices of Normal mode for everyday driving, Sport for long and winding roads, Off-Road for unpaved or snow-packed terrain – or Towing mode.


Standard i-Activ AWD reacts to nature and fosters our human potential to go further. Reaching beyond inclement weather and off-pavement driving, i-Activ AWD is engineered to maximize performance on all surfaces and road conditions.


Every aspect of our driving technology is engineered to work with you. G-Vectoring Control Plus responds to steering inputs with subtle engine torque and braking adjustments. The system is used to help provide enhanced stability for a smoother drive.

The temptation to venture into nature becomes even more enticing when the journey becomes its own reward. Enabled by Mazda’s latest generation of driving technology, you’ll feel an incredible sense of oneness with the CX-50 on nearly any terrain.

To help you access the outdoors comfortably and conveniently, the CX-50 was intentionally designed for how you’ll use it to transport your gear and equipment. The High-Strength Roof Rails are designed to support you and your equipment such as kayaks, bikes and even a pop-up tent. The lowered roof line also helps to access gear or climb into your tent.

BSM uses radar sensors to detect objects in your left or right blind spots and then alerts you with a warning light in the side mirror.

HBC automatically switches between high and low beams — helping you swiftly spot pedestrians and other potential obstructions on the road at night.

When you’re backing out from a parking spot, RCTA detects any vehicle approaching from the side and promptly alerts you.

LDWS senses lane markings on the road and alerts you when it predicts your Mazda is about to unintentionally leave its lane.

SCBS detects objects ahead at low speeds and prepares your Mazda to stop by adjusting the brake pads closer to the disc.

MRCC monitors the speed of the vehicle ahead of you and automatically adjusts cruise control settings to maintain a safe headway distance.

FOW detects vehicles ahead of you and alerts you to an approaching risk of collision early enough for you to take evasive action.

AFS provides enhanced nighttime illumination by moving up to 15º in the direction of your turn, allowing you to spot potential hazards.

The interior of the CX-50 was created to be a luxurious haven as well as a durable basecamp. It is a cabin designed to be worthy of the magnitude which surrounds it–a perfect space to absorb the profound artistry of nature.


Our seats are shaped for a comfortable and relaxed posture, with the driver seat symmetrically balanced with the steering wheel and pedals. Every control is within reach.


Our newly available Terracotta leather trim was inspired by the rich hues of soil. Warm and inviting, the earthen tones offer a constant connection to the natural world that surrounds you.


The hard-wearing materials found on various trims took inspiration from technical outdoor gear. The sturdy nylon of climbing backpacks inspired our seat fabric.


The available front and rear heated seats and available front ventilated seats are a comfortable affirmation that every season is beautiful. Enjoy all of your adventure, anytime of year.

A trip into nature is rife with anticipation, and an occasional obstacle. To enjoy a more intuitive relationship with your surroundings, we created an expansive line up of safety features. These advanced innovations are meant to enhance your awareness of your environment whether you’re on a gravel trail or a paved road.


Drive confidently through dark winding country roads with our available Adaptive Front Lighting system, designed to help you see around corners at night. As you turn a corner, the LED headlights pivot in the direction of your turn, improve visibility and help you to spot potential hazards ahead.


Maintain focus in every driving condition. With the available Active Driving Display, you have access to important information. This feature projects a small display onto the windshield within the driver’s line of sight, informing you on speed, following distance and more.

360º View Monitor

Experience greater awareness in every direction with the available 360° View Monitor. Small cameras are integrated around the vehicle to help you see a more complete view of your surroundings via the available 10.25” dashboard-mounted Mazda ConnectTM screen.

The road less traveled is no place to lose touch. With Mazda Connected Services complimentary for three years, you have access to vital resources like Roadside Assistance, automatic 911 dialing, your vehicle’s health status report, remote engine start and more. All available 24/7 through the MyMazda App on your mobile device.