Let me start by saying I am a self-confessed, painfully detail-oriented person…..just ask my wife ;-). I’m also a rabid car enthusiast, and only replace my vehicles every 10 – 15 years. The combination of these factors makes for a lengthy and intense purchase process for me. I live in Calgary, and found the vehicle I wanted listed with Markham Mazda. The sales process was complicated due to the distance between us and the fact I was not able to personally get out to the dealership to check out the car prior to purchasing it. I connected with my salesperson, Anson Wong, who provided outstanding service! He patiently answered my many questions, and honoured my requests related to the shipping of the vehicle to Calgary. His friendly, open, clear communication, and quick, detailed responses to my many questions, was much appreciated! And all of this was happening during the period when he lost his mother, and all of the challenges he faced while working through that process/period.
If you’re considering purchasing a Mazda, I would strongly encourage you to connect with Anson, as I know he’ll provide excellent service! The car landed in Calgary safely, in mint condition! Thx again Anson!